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Human is referred to a number of races or similarly related races that may have evolved on different worlds.

  • Anhuran are humans or humanoids.
  • Terran from earth are also humans.
  • Pilgrims are terran descendents, seen as a kind of mutant.
  • Humanoids may be mutant or bio-modified or bio-engineered humans, or aliens that look human.
  • Mutants covers a number of races, in particular a few races in the Tri-System, many are from Karatikas. Karatikan mutants fight for civil rights.
  • Cyborgs mainly covers a human race out of the Tri-System, most are pirates.


Humans have colonized the galaxy from many different eras. Humans and those who became Pilgrims colonized the universe around the same time. So while Pilgrims held large sections of Sol and Vega sectors humans had spread out into their own colonies the same time.

Tri_System may have human colonists going back to ancient Earth civilization. Having possible help by alien forces.

Life Expectancy[]

Seventy is not old by any means for a core civilian due to access to medical breakthroughs, but its still an amount of years which can take its toll on the frontier.[1]Admiral Wilson a Pilgrim was about 150 when he died. Many individuals are still active at that age or older. However Confederation does limit the age of active pilots, instead choosing to promote and transfer them into other positions.

Ascended Pilgrims are capable of living centuries if not immortal.

Anhuran technology is so advanced it may not be uncommon for humans with the right amount of credits to live several centuries, or even get new bodies.

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