Hubble's Star
Planets Hubble's Star IV
Affiliation Terran Confederation
Sector Vega Sector

Hubble's Star is a star system in the Vega Sector in the Terran Confederation space, with active colonies and research stations, such as Hubble's Star IV.


During the Vega Campaign, the TCS Eagle's Talon defended this region of the Vega sector. Major Pitak Puzaki and First Lieutenant Marsha Shannon flew missions in the system.

They were ordered to protect colonists in the Hubble's Star system. Twelve wings were dispatched. Kappa Wing lead by Puzaki was assigned to patrol three nav points, they engaged a Ralari-class and its Dorkir-class escort. Shannon's engines overheated and she was force to return to the Talon for repairs. Following Tactical Command Recommendation 2716-B, the mission continued as a solo effort.[1]

Afterwards the Talon was low on fuel and the pilots were tasked with escorting Drayman-class fuel tankers back to the carrier from a common jump point while defending them from heavy resistance from the Kilrathi.[2] The mission also ends with the Drayman given a reroute back to the Tiger's Claw that had entered from Rostov, which would escort the Drayman the rest of the way to the Talon.[3] The Claw would then proceeded to the final part of the offensive and travelled to Venice.

Main Kilrathi forces in the system were attacking Hubble IV and Code Red was declared. Most of the Talon's fighters went to defend the colony of Hubble IV, while Puzaki and Shannon went to investigate a report that a new group of bogies had disappeared into a nearby asteroid field. On their way back, they found the Talon under attack by Jalthis and Grathas.[4]

Civilians were fleeing the devastation inflicted by the massive Kilrathi raid on the three planets, refugee ships were flooding the system, and a Kilrathi carrier was moving towards the Talon. Water and fuel supplies were low in many areas. Beta Wing was ordered to escort a Drayman, loaded with civilians to the safety of Eagle's Talon.

Following this engagement the Talon was forced to flee to Hell's Kitchen.

Some years later when Tristam Roberts was developing the Wing Commander holo-vid, he had to come up with a way for people to win or lose. At LaFong's insistence he used the missions in Hubble's Star and Hell's Kitchen as the "losing" route (although in the real war, the missions weren't flown by pilots of the Tiger's Claw).

Behind the ScenesEdit

The above is the "canonical" scenario according to the Guide. In the game, Blair flew with Chen Kien in that system


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