Planets Hellespont
Affiliation Kilrathi Empire[1]
Sector Vega Sector[1]
Jump links Vega, T'lan Meth[1]

Hellespont is a star system in the Vega Sector with a Terran agricultural colony; after the Pilgrim War it was occupied by 82,000 unarmed assimilated Pilgrims.

It seems that "Hellespont" refers both to a star system and its colonized planet.

It was also the home of the Hellespont Naval Station. The CS Iason was stationed on Hellespont before departing for its fateful last mission in 2638.[2]

Around the time of the Terran-Kilrathi War a Kilrathi carrier group attacked and destroyed the settlement.[1]

This event is described in the Terran Confederation Handbook which expands upon Wing Commander film canon and pushed the War later in the timeline. The event is dated 2639.006, supposedly happening before the war; the next day the Confederation Senate passed a formal declaration of war against Kilrah. However this date falls in the War of the established canon.

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