Javelin HS[1]
Type missile
Class Heat-Seeking[1]
Model AIM-15
Physical characteristics
Length 2m[1]
Payload Illudium PEW 36[1]
Strength 11500 ESK[1]
Blast Radius 50m[1]
Max. Range 9000m[1]
Eff. Range 6000m[1]
Velocity 800kps[1]
Max. Yaw/Pitch/Roll 10/10/10dps[1]

A Heat-Seeking Missile seeks the heat generated by the engines of a spaceship. To be effective, it requires the pilot to be on an enemy's tail. Such missiles need to lock before fired. If the target shakes a heat seeker, the missile locks onto the nearest heat source.[2]

Kilrathi ships that sport the missile are the Jalthi, Gratha, Krant, Dralthi.[3]

AIM-15 "Javelin" HS is a rear-aspect infrared homing missile used by Terran Confederation fighters such as Hornets, Scimitars and Raptors,[1] as well as capital ships like Venture-class.[3]

The Claw Marks manual mentions Pilum FF and Spiculum IR by name, whereas in the entries of the above ships it gives only a generic "Heat-Seeking Missile(s)" without specifying the Javelin by name. The specification is given in the blueprints of the game package.

It tracks the target's heat signature and, as such, cannot lock onto anything but a target's engines and can be evaded simply by turning 90 degrees.


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