The Hari were a highly advanced species who lived many years before the outbreak of the Kilrathi War.


The Hari were known to possess highly advanced technology despite their failure to discovery jump technology. They were a spacefaring race who could spend years venturing through space on their spacecraft at sublight speed. They usually traveled together in expansive, single groups made up of large percentages of their population, and reproduced quickly when planetside. The Hari would go from planet to planet across the galaxy, settle on the surface, and consume each world of all of its viable resources until they were utterly depleted. Most of the worlds the Hari inhabited were left completely lifeless by the time they departed.

The Hari were plagued by internal problems, such as the lack of jump technology, poor communication, and a politically unstable government where it was not uncommon for their leaders to assassinate each other. These problems would prove to be their downfall 200 years before the Kilrathi War, in which the Kilrathi annihilated the Hari in a major interstellar war. Hari ships were picked off easily by their faster opponents and within only a few years, the Hari became extinct.