Planets Goddard II
Affiliation Terran Confederation
Sector Epsilon Sector[1] or Deneb Sector[2]

Goddard is a star system in the Epsilon Sector[1] home of a Human colony which was destroyed by Sivar. Having received an emergency communication, the TCS Tiger's Claw was temporarily reassigned out of the Vega Sector to aid aftera long series of jumps.

  1. The Claw was scheduled to rendezvous with Dilligent-class TCS Hickok and the Venture-class TCS Marciano that raced to aid Goddard. Prankster and Hunter flew Hornets as Alpha Wing. While scouting they engaged a Lumbari-class and its Salthi escorts; then after an ambush they defended the Hickok and the Marciano from Krants. Prankster with Hunter passed through an ambush of Salthis on their way to the Claw.[2]
  2. As the Claw was speeding toward the Colony, the Killer Bees moved out to clear the region from remaining fighter ships. Prankster and Hunter flew again as Kappa Wing to protect an attack of Krants and Grathas against the Claw and then proceeded to clean the system from Kilrathi presence, including a Lumbari with its Salthi escort, and a Dorkir-class with its Krant escort. Around that time landing parties arrived to Goddard to investigate what happened to the colony.[3]

The Colony was found devastated, and the Claw moved to Border Zone.


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