Planets At least 1 (habitable)
Affiliation Empire of Kilrah
Sector Vega Sector

Gimle is a system in the Empire of Kilrah, in the Vega Sector. Its habitable world is one huge forest used as a vacation spot for Kilrathi nobles and officers who come to hunt with their bare claws, even human prisoners.[1]

During the Vega Campaign, Tiger's Claw travelled here after the Gateway missions. Several Confed battleships entered the system and were attacked by Kilrathi.[1]

Christopher Blair's specific actions during this period have never been published.[2] Though its known that he flew a few missions with Todd Marshall here. Maniac would always break formation with him, and he wasn't sure he could count on him. He wished he had wingman to back him up, and not go hunting for glory, then yell for help when he gets in too deep.[3]

A wing of the Star Slayer squadron flown by Jeannette Devereaux and Tanaka Mariko[4] flew missions in the system. They protected an Exeter-class and escorted it to the TCS Tiger's Claw;[1] they tested a Rapier prototype;[5] and then investigated a Kilrathi movement of ships (one of them Dakhath nar Sihkag).[6]

Carl T. LaFong was down with Grinard's Virus during these missions he spent time around sickbay, and working communications. He had time to get the highscore on the Train-Sim and hung around and jawed with the returning pilots. He was sick the entire time they were in system.

Following the third mission LaFong found spirit in the ship's library thumbing through the latest issue of Global News. They discussed the mission, Spirit believed she had failed, as she and Deveraux were forced to run back to Tiger's Claw after defeating Dakhath, after taking too much damage. At around the same time an assault on a Kilrathi base in Brimstone was thwarted. She hoped her failure hadn't contributed to the loss of human lives there.

Jason Armstrong was involved with defending the TCS Exeter, a Bengal-class Strike Carrier at Gimle.

Following these missions Tiger's Claw traveled to Brimstone to follow up on the assault.

Behind the scenesEdit

This was a winning path mission from McAuliffe series in the game. Blair (or Armstrong in Super Wing Commander) and Jeanette Devereaux flew the missions in the game. In the Ultimate Guide Carl T. LaFong misses these missions as he was sick at the time (he ended up at Brimstone instead due to his failures at McAuliffe).

The mission to escort and defend the TCS Exeter in Super Wing Commander is obviously based off same objective to defend an Exeter-class ship in original Wing Commander. Although apparently they changed the model of the ship, reusing the Bengal class model from the game.


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