"It is a beautiful planet, one of the loveliest that the Empire has colonized."

A planet in the Ghorah Khar system and a Kilrathi colony.


Ghorah Khar was probably the homeworld of a native species. However in 2621 it was chosen as the Holy Dedication site for the annual Sivar-Eshrad ceremony.

Nothing is mentioned about a native species, but since Sivar-Eshrad involves battle and conquer, the above reference suggests the existence of another civilization that was conquered or exterminated by the Kilrathi during the ceremony.

The crews of 3715 warships attended that particular ceremony. Terran anthropologist Dr. C.L. Kohl attempted to investigate but as non-believers are not allowed to be present in the ceremony, he was captured and executed by the priestesses of Sivar.[2]

The presence of Kohl is curious, as the event is dated earlier than the documented date of the first contact between the Confed and the Kilrathi.

The colony started to be dissilusioned with their leadership. Priestesses of Sivar started preaching that the Terran-Kilrathi War did not gain the favor of the war-god; it held no true victories, and the casualties —mostly women and children outside combat— impoverished their people and meant nothing to Sivar. They saw the Kilrathi Emperor as a power-drunk puppet driven by his advisors, uninterested about the welfare of his people.[3] Priestess Hassa began a rebellion with those Kilrathi; Ralgha nar Hhallas also joined the rebellion and was briefly arrested and interrogated until persuaded Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka of his innocence.[4] However Thrakhath suspected the priestesses and many, including Hassa, were arrested by Imperial Intelligence soldiers.[4][5]

Ralgha and Kirha gave a lot of information about the planet's layout to the Confederation Intelligence.[1]

The rebellion spread until Kilrathi colonists sought a chance to join humanity. Ralgha and Paladin participated in these operations until the colony successfully rebelled,[6] and joined the Terran Confederation in 2655 and maintained a Field HQ.[7] While there, Ralgha saved Paladin's life.[8]

Prince Thrakhath began a campaign to retake the planet. Khasra was forced to destroy the shipyards in order to prevent the rebels from gaining the Prince's stealth fighter technology, although that meant slowing down their war progress dramatically.[9]


It was characterized by stone buildings and grey-paved streets, however there are streets lined with birha trees, a sharp contrast. The Old City was in the shadow of white-capped mountains. The local Temple of Sivar is an amphitheater set into the side of a mountain; a small doorway and vine-covered alcove led into the twisting warren of the Old City streets. The Imperial Intelligence Headquarters are also there. In the winding streets one could see drunken Kilrathi and slaves working. There was also an open market, with carts and tables selling fresh meat and fish with rich scents.[4]

There is a spaceport and a town around it, where several noble hrais reside. Not more than a few dozen human slaves and captives can be seen in the city markets.[10]


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