Other bodies asteroids
Affiliation Terran Confederation[1]
Sector Vega Sector

Gateway is a star system in the Vega Sector under the Terran Confederation.


During the Vega Campaign, the TCS Tiger's Claw jumped to that system after the scientists were murdered in McAuliffe VI.

Christopher Blair's specific actions during this period have never been published.[2]

Iceman and Paladin flew several missions, and then Iceman with Knight for one mission.

  1. During a patrol, they engaged Salthis and Grathas.[3]
    According to the game briefing, Iceman and Angel flew a simultaneous mission Epsilon Wing
  2. While Blue Angel and Star Slayer squadrons were busy, Dralthis attacked the Claw. These were fended off by Killer Bees.[4]
    According to the game briefing, Iceman with Dragon and Bossman with Redbird were to follow.
  3. Iceman dna Knight passed through a wing of Krants, and escorted a Drayman-class fuel tanker back to the Claw. They protected it against Bhurak Starkiller leading a wing of Salthis. Iceman managed to shoot him down.[5]

Afterwards, the Claw jumped to Gimle.

In the non-canon losing scenario, it is mentioned that 100,000 people from Gateway are among the refugees who retreat to Hell's Kitchen.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the game this is flown by Maverick and Paladin.

The first Gateway mission is more or less the same as the first mission from McAulliffe with a few names changed.

This mission occurs after McAuliffe in the novelization, and before Gimle.


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