Gar's Emporium aka The Pit was a cylindrical bulk ore barge near the event horizon of the black hole of the Black Hole system 299. It was pressurized to house several installations of illegal businesses. It was probably established in early 2634 and was owned by Gar.[1]

Workers included Human and Varni slaves. It was known only to some special smugglers, traders and criminals and access was open only to those ships that transmitted a certain coded signal. A "gray region between Empires", it was frequented by dishonored, outlaw Kilrathi, Varni, Wu and human criminals. It was possibly tolerated by the Kilrathi Empire as it was a source of information.[1]

One walking across the main corridor, can see booths set up down the interior length of the ship housing the permanent establishments. These could vary between lotus dens, brothels for every imaginable species, run-down bars, a church mission, illegal weapons dealers and others of indiscernible purpose. The floor was swill.[1][2]

In its final days, on the eve of the Terran-Kilrathi War, Prince Gilkarg nar Kiranka pressed into service every available commercial craft resulting to limited commercial shipping and standstill of crucial goods. Kilrathi goods became rare and very expensive.[3][2]

Winston Turner under orders from Fleet Intel visited the station in order to gather intelligence. His presence alerted Kilrathi agents and soon the station was attacked by Imperials. As a result, the station was soon evacuated and hurled in the black hole.[2]

Rules[edit | edit source]

Ships that docked in the station had to pay tax 10% of their cargo, in exchange of free trade and protection of the docked ship and its cargo. Slaves came and collected the tax with null gravity units.[1]

Anyone who wished to enter was warned that the establishment was not responsible for theft, injury or death. Any hull punctures resulting by gunfire (such as by high-velocity weapons with jacketed rounds) was punishable by death not only for the responsible but also his crew.[1]

In the case when a patrol from the Kilrathi Empire approaches, the alarm will sound as the Emporium will be driften inside the black hole leaving no evidence, but everyone is on their own.[1]

When a visitor accuses another for stealing, Gar might put them in the Grudge pit to resolve the difference publicly under bets; Gar collects the bets and the winner get the loser's ship.[1]

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