Pilum FF[1]
Pilum ff
Type Missile
Class Friend or Foe[1]
Model AIM-31
Physical characteristics
Length 2.2m[1]
Payload Illudium PEW 36[1]
Strength 9500 ESK[1]
Blast Radius 50m[1]
Max. Range 12000m[1]
Eff. Range 8000m[1]
Velocity 800kps[1]
Max. Yaw/Pitch/Roll 10/10/10dps[1]

The Friend or Foe Missile automatically identifies and locks onto the nearest enemy ship; that is, the nearest ship that isn't broadcasting the distinctive signal broadcast by friendly ships. Its weakness is that it can be confused by friendly ships whose communications systems are damaged (including the ship that fired the missile).[2]

Kilrathi ships that sport the missile are the Jalthi, Krant.[3]

AIM-31 "Pilum" FF is an all-aspect fire-and-forget missile used on Terran Confederation starfighters such as the Rapiers.[3][1]

It does not "lock on" to a target as it doesn't need to; it can be launched at any time. Utilizing the radio signals sent by Identification Friend or Foe transponders, these missiles will home in on the nearest enemy, wherever or whatever it happens to be. ECM decoys "spoof" them with regularity.


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