Fralthi-class cruiser (movie)
Type Cruiser[1]
Launched 26th century or earlier[1]
Length 475m[1]
Mass 24000t[1]
Weapons Antimatter guns (3), point-defense (18), torpedo tubes (8)[1]
Shield Meson shields[1]
Hull 28/22/18[1]
Speed 100/150kps[1]
Affiliation Various Kilrathi clans,[1] Empire of Kilrah
Complement 200 + 150 warriors[1]
Fighters 50[1]
Equipment Carrier deck[1]
Events Inter-clan civil wars,[1] Terran-Kilrathi War/Movie
First appearance Wing Commander film

The Fralthi-class is a type of cruiser used by the Kilrathi.


Fralthi vs claw

A Fralthi vs. a Bengal-class

The Fralthi was developed by the Kilrathi and reached its current configuration in the 26th century the latest. Then it was used during the inter-clan civil wars as the primary battleship.[1]

During the War the Kilrathi used one or more Fralthi in almost every fleet action. the Terran Confederation encountered almost 2000 individual Fralthis, capturing several intact.[1]

The CS Tiger Claw encountered a Fralthi near Planet 415. A Fralthi with a Ralari-class approached and as soon as they got in range, the Claw opened fire. The Fralthi changed course towards them firing lasers, but under James Taggart's guidance, the Claw lowered its shields and fired the portside batteries obliterating the ship.[2]


Fralthis are small ships but mount a carrier deck to serve the few fighters they can carry; indeed they are the smallest Kilrathi ships to have one.[1]

They are armed with antimatter guns, making it an asset against other ships, but with a small loadout. Being slow and less maneuverable, they are not designed to evade or escape, but rather rely on their melee strength.[1]



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