Fawcett's World was an uninhabited planet beyond the frontier of the Terran Confederation that was colonized by humans around 2629. However some time before 2634[1] the Empire of Kilrah granted it to the Vakka clan.

Geoffrey Tolwyn mentions "a rumor a couple of years back" about taking "a settlement beyond the frontier before the demilitarized zone was established" which probably refers to Fawcett's World.

Just a few weeks after the Terrans colonized the planet, the Kilrathi invaded them and took them by surprise. They were captured and their ship torn apart and looted for information, revealing the existence of the Confederation to the Kilrathi.[2]

The Kilrathi invaded the planet and the colonists were captured. Lord Vakka was assigned to spend some time there and evaluate the humans so that the Empire would prepare for an invasion.[3] However, by knowing them better, Lord Vakka felt that humans were unlike other species they had encountered before, and firmly believed that they should be used as assets instead of underlings.[2] He put the master of the planet Harga, as their retainer under his protection.

The capture of the colony also provided some intelligence to the Kilrathi, such as some information concerning the McAuliffe base and the Panama System war games.

However because of its strategic position, the Emperor laid a claim on it, compensating the Vakka clan with another planet. With the beginning of his campaign, the planet was scheduled to become a military base.[4]


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