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Eugene Wilford is a naval officer in the Wing Commander universe. He plays a prominent role in Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom.

Character Biography[]

Personal Biography[]

Eugene Wilford is a high-ranking naval officer whose roots trace all the way back to the Union of Border Worlds. His parents were among the first to settle his homeworld and he was the first to be born on its soil. He attended the Academy and was one of their top graduates. He moved on to attend ROTC training. He eventually married and has four children, all of whom are still alive as of 2681.

Wilford has been an active combatant in the ongoing Kilrathi War for years. As a Border Worlds citizen, he was an ally of the Terran Confederation. It is evidenced that was present at the Battle of Repleetah, as he has horrific accounts of the brutal fighting that ravaged the planet. Little else is known of his military career, but he swiftly rose through the ranks and eventually rose to the rank of Captain.

After the War ended in 2669, Wilford returned to the Border Worlds to reorganize their naval forces, which were significantly smaller compared to that of Confed's. When the Black Lance Conspiracy began in 2673, Wilford was given the rank of Vice Admiral and essentially put in total command of the Border Worlds Navy. He proved to be an able leader and with his guidance the Border Worlds were given the time they needed to combat the conspirators and reveal their existence to Confed. When Colonel Christopher Blair defected to the Border Worlds and took command of the Border Worlds' flagship, the BWS Intrepid, Wilford kept him updated on the conspirators' activities and advised the Colonel on the best course of action. Wilford's joint command with Colonel Blair proved effective as Blair was able to stop Confed's war declaration on the Border Worlds.

After peace was restored between the two sides, Wilford accepted the offer to re-enlist in the Confederation Navy, where he once again assumed the rank of Captain. However, he maintains the rank of Vice Admiral in the Border Worlds. In 2681, he was given command of the newly-commissioned TCS Midway, and once again joined up with Commodore Blair to repel the invading Nephilim forces.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the FMVs, Vice Admiral Wilford is played by American actor Peter Jason.

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