Manufacturer Proxima Spaceworks[1]
Type Merchant/Utility ship[1]
Launched 2614[1]
Length 25m[1]
Weapons Optional (2 hardpoints forward, 1 turret hardpoint amidship) [1]
Propulsion Impulse capacity to tow 20000t[1]
Speed 100/150kps[1]
Crew 1 pilot[1]
Equipment Cabin (more can be added)[1]
Cargo 10000m3 hold[1]
First appearance Wing Commander film

The Proxima Merchantman-class Errant is the lightest commercial jump-capable utility ship


The Errant was produced in 2614 and its design remained largely similar. It received gradual upgrades in its command and control software and it was added hardpoints in 2621 where on can optionally add weapons, and the upgrade of a drive array.[1]

Because of its modularity it has seen several roles in the Terran Confederation, such as control module for cargo drones or towed cargo units, light cargo transport, passenger charter, courier or recreational cabin cruiser.[1]

The Diligent was an Errant piloted by Commodore James Taggart and saw action during the Terran-Kilrathi War. It participated in a boarding operation against a Thrakhra-class ConCom.[2]


Errants are the lightest jumpships of their category, and their main asset is their extreme customizability, thanks to their modular construction. They require 1 pilot to operate the ship and provide a cabin for two. Their hold can be fitted with modules for any purpose, such as a cabin module (up to 4 passengers). Weapons and armor can also be added and changed at will.[1]

Their impulse drive can tow up to 20000t of cargo.[1]



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