The Enyo Engagement was a conflict during the Kilrathi War on the human-occupied world Enyo. It was noted for its tactical difficulty because of the presence of 250000 human hostages.

Raymond Blakely devised the strategy of the engagement which would employ space mines and jump points.[1]


On 2639.033, Kilrathi forces landed on the planet to occupy it. The human prisoners were put under orbital guns.

The Confederation regrouped under Captain Geoffrey Tolwyn. On 2639.036 Tolwyn begun the Phase One of the Engagement by bringing a small attack force of Raptor heavy fighters reconfigured to carry extra Porcupine Space Mines to cut off the influx of Kilrathi reinforcements. For the following 2 days, the modified mines were dropped in a region of space near the planet, specifically the jump point, and then the force moved against the Kilrathi fleet.

The Kilrathi attempted to get out of the mined region before turning their attention to the invaders, but then the Terrans detonate the mines with a radio signal. The Phase Two has begun, and the remainder of the Terran fleet jumped in, in the middle of the engagement.

Taking advantage of the confusion, the Terrans immediately moved against the gunships threatening the human colonies, with minimal loss of life among the colonists. Then the two fleets settled in for a pounding match. The mines split the gunships and the fleet units assigned to intercept the Raptors, allowing the two Confederation forces to form a final pincer around the enemy fleet.

Losses during the engagement were nearly identical for the two sides, but eventually in 2639.040 the Kilrathi are forced to retreat what was for them a strategic position.


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