Star type Black hole
Other bodies Asteroids, listening post Korah Pokh
Affiliation Terran Confederation[1]
Sector Enigma Sector[1]
Jump links Callimachus, Ghorah Khar, Zelanzny, K'tithrak Mang[1]

Enigma is a star system in the Enigma Sector.[1] It is actually a black hole, and perhaps the reason of the Sector's unique properties, allowing to cross the whole Sector in a single Jump.[2]

The TCS Concordia retreated to Enigma system after Tesla.

  1. Maverick and Angel in A-17D Broadswords jumped from Tesla to Enigma and cleaned the jump point from a Kamekh-class and its escort of Sarthas. The Concordia followed soon after with a double-jump.[3]
  2. Because of its vulnerable state, the Concordia hid in an asteroid field and performed repairs. Geoffrey Tolwyn prohibited access to the comm room. Maverick and Angel flew a roundabout course to listening post Korah Pokh which was defended by Drakhris and Jalkehis.[4]
  3. A strike force was detected near a jump point, a Ralatha-class with a Jalkehi escort. Maverick and Angel attacked them, forcing the Ralatha to jump to K'Tithrak Mang and special equipment on their ships tracked the exact destination. They chased the Ralatha and then met with Concordia at another jump point.[5]

The Concordia then jumped to K'Tithrak Mang.

If the player doesn't destroy the Ralatha, (or, however difficult, manage to destroy it before jumping), it means that it will bring reinforcements for another attack on the Concordia (or not learning the jump location). The Concordia therefore retreats to Gwynedd.[6]


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