Emil Zoharian aka "Easy" was a cadet serving on the TCS Tiger's Claw.

Grunt and easy

Zoharian was seen with Hector Paz on his way to the briefing room when Maniac passed by them and they looked at him in surprise.[2]

In that episode, Zoharian's name is heard from the intercom, but he doesn't appear in the briefing room.

On his last mission he flew with Todd Marshall in Scimitars when they detected a Kilrathi Destroyer on their Radar Displays. Easy ensured him that sensors were clear of any escort fighters and Maniac ran for the kill. While Maniac was away, a Strakha prototype attacked and destroyed Easy's fighter, killing him.

Manic destroyed the Destroyer singlehandedly and celebrated his kill but he got no response from Easy: on his return he found only debris of his Scimitar. Geoffrey Tolwyn conducted later Easy's funeral while Maniac was grounded as he was accused for abandoning Easy to danger in order to hunt glory.[3]


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