Captain Elizabeth Norwood aka Shadow was a Human pilot serving in Insystem Security as a reservist on the Caernarvon Station.

Personal biographyEdit

Shadow was stationed on Caernarvon Station spending her time flying boring patrols far from the front line of the Kilrathi War. Norwood favored the P-64 Ferret because of its speed.[1] She was friend to famed but dishonored Confed hero, Captain Christopher Blair. Blair considered her one of his very few friends after his demotion.[2][3]

By 2665.112 she held the rank of Captain looking forward to retire the next month and return to ther family. Eventually trouble reached the Enigma Sector when during an uneventful patrol, for a first time they encountered Kilrathi ships, Sarthas and Drakhris.[1] Inexperienced Norwood started feeling anxious and worried and hoped to not go through battle conditions again.[4]

During another patrol, she was joined by Blair, answering a distress call from the TCS Concordia, under attack by Sarthas. They defended the ship and landed in its hangar, where she met Colonel Jeannette Devereaux.[4] While there she participated with Blair in an attack against a Fralthra-class, defending the Broadswords from Drakhai-piloted Sarthas while they attacked the cruiser. On their way back they were ambushed by Jalkehis.[5]

The Kilrathi Saga manual mentions Elizabeth Norwood, aged 35, in a pilot roster of the Concordia dated 2656.120. The roster and the date seems to be anachronistic, as Shadow briefly joined the Concordia during the events of the game which was no earlier than 2665. Even if the roster is taken to mean that she had served on Concordia before the Caernarvon Station, this would make her 45 years old during the game (and the other characters mentioned in the roster 10 years older than they appear).

When they returned, Shadow approached Devereaux and, knowing that Blair is better as a combat pilot, asked whether it would be possible to transfer him to the Concordia. Soon after they launched to return to Caernarvon, but right before landing, they received yet another distress call from the Concordia being attacked by another Fraltha with its escort of Drakhris. Shadow however did not have the time to react when a second wave of Sarthas arrived and pursued her.[6]

Devereaux hosted her space funeral. Blair was severely affected by her death.[2][3]


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