Archer ejects from a simulated Hellcat

Ejection is the process when a pilot abandons his ship to escape its destruction and hope for a rescue.

When a ship has sustained significant damage, the Eject Warning flashes to warn the pilot about the severity of the situation and to decide whether to eject or not.[1]

The Terran Confederation Navy awards the Golden Sun medal to a pilot for surviving the destruction of one's ship.[1]

Eject podsEdit

Eject pod

An eject pod

Usually the pilot suit protects his body while in the vacuum of space, although some variants of Scimitars ejected the whole cockpits, engulfed by protective pods.[2] Such pods had some limited thrust power for stabilization[3] and tracking transmitters.[4] A pair of folded grappling arms helped a pod to dock with a larger ship.[5] While in the pods, the pilots where vulnerable as they could be tracked and shot by enemy pilots.[6][7]

Ships had receptors which allowed the securing of such pods and rescuing the pilots.[8]

Some Kilrathi ships also had their version of eject pods. They also had a parachute to fall on planets.[9]


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