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The Durango-class Heavy Destroyer is a type of destroyer that used to serve with the Terran Confederation during the Kilrathi War. It was first seen in Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom.


The Durango-class Heavy Destroyers were commissioned by the Terran Confederation decades prior to the Kilrathi War. Very little is known about their service during the War, as they were decommissioned in 2663. The only Durango known to have served with the Confederation was the TCS Delphi, which was sold to the Union of Border Worlds during the 2660s. They refitted this vessel as a light carrier and renamed it the BWS Intrepid. It soon became the flagship of their fleet, as the Union lacked heavy carriers.

The Durangos were not that powerful by the time of the Kilrathi War due to their age and pre-war armaments. It can be presumed that the Southampton-class Destroyers were among the ships to replace them. They were roughly H-shaped with two pairs of engine pylons extending from both the front and rear of the ship. The front pylons were much longer than the rear pylons. The center of the ship contained the crew and their stations. Little is known about their performance or weaponry due to their largely-unknown service lives.

The 2673 Black Lance Conspiracy[]

The Durangos rose back to prominence following the outbreak of the Black Lance Conspiracy in 2673. The Union of Border Worlds and the Terran Confederation were pushed to the brink of war when the mysterious Black Lance forces harassed ships from both sides using starfighters from both factions, as well as unmarked fighters falsely assumed to be Union. The BWS Intrepid led the war effort against this faction, and soon was commanded by former Confed Colonel Christopher Blair and Captain William Eisen. The Intrepid, despite being technologically weaker than most enemy vessels, had a solid flight crew to face off with the enemy. Under Blair's command, many Black Lance forces were destroyed and several planets saved. The Intrepid was the first ship to respond to the disaster on Telamon and the ship to reach the Sol System when Blair revealed the conspiracy to the Great Assembly before they could vote for war. The Intrepid was later sold back to Confed and recommissioned as a training ship orbiting Saturn.

Another Durango to serve during the crisis was the BWS Tango, which was unique due to its series of four tractor beams.

Specifications - Durango-class Heavy Destroyer[]


Length: ?

Mass: ?


Maximum Velocity: ?

Cruise Velocity: ?

Acceleration: ?

Maximum Yaw: ?

Maximum Pitch: ?

Maximum Roll: ?


Fore Shields: ?

Aft Shields: ?


Forward: ?

Left: ?

Right: ?

Rear: ?


  • Unknown

Fighter Complement[]

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