Dart DF[1]
Dart df
Type Missile
Class Dumb-Fire[1]
Model LAU-81
Physical characteristics
Length 2.6m[1]
Payload Illudium PEW 36[1]
Strength 11000 ESK[1]
Blast Radius 50m[1]
Max. Range 10000m[1]
Eff. Range 2000m[1]
Velocity 900kps[1]
Max. Yaw/Pitch/Roll 10/10/10dps[1]

The Dumb-Fire Missile is a point-and-shoot weapon without homing capability. Once shot, it is effective only if the target maintains the same course. Often a pilot must anticipate the target's reactions. It's suggested use is in close quarters or against slow-moving targets.[2]

Kilrathi ships that sport ths missile are the Salthi.[3]

LAU-81 "Dart" DF is a missile used by several Terran Confederation fighters such as the Hornets and the Rapiers.[1]

An unguided rocket. They can be hard to hit with, but since there's no tracking equipment, technicians filled the empty space with much more boom, and as a result they are always one of the most powerful missile munitions in a Confed pilot's armory. The vagaries of Phase Shielding technology render them sometimes useful, sometimes useless against capital ships, but against capships that can be damaged by non-torpedo attacks, Dumbfires are a bomber's best friend.[Source?]


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