"You're expecting us to go into combat in one of the Flying Pancakes, sir?"

A refitted version of Dralthi Mk. II used by the Terran Confederation during Operation: Crusade.


When Commander Ralgha nar Hhallas defected to the Confederation, he also surrendered a complement of 20 Dralthis.[1] While most of them were intended to be taken to Confed HQ, a brief adventure by Hunter gave the Bridge officers of the TCS Tiger's Claw to use them in combat.[2]

Prankster and Jazz were the first to fly with these. They infiltrated behind enemy lines, flew near a convoy of Snakeir-class and the computer simulation begun transmitting, contacting the capital ships to request information regarding their purpose in Firekka, and returned back with it for Tactical. Then the Claw transmitted a message indicating that the two ships ran into the asteroid field and were destroyed.[2]

Some pilots flew once more Dralthis briefly in the Firekka system in order to intercept military communications and determine the proper time and place for the Confederation Marines to land on Firekka. This time they met some opposition, as the Kilrathi apparently started using a recognition code and recognized Prankster and Jazz as Terran pilots.[3]

Eventually Tactical found a way to crack the Kilrathi recognition codes. The Dralthi flew yet another mission, in which Prankster and Doomsday protected the Drayman-class TCS General Powell and brought it to the Claw.[4]

Prankster and Angel flew Dralthis one more time to protect a Marine Drayman that was escaping Firekka.[5]


This version of the Dralthi was a typical Dralthi II configuration, however the Confed technicians have refitted them with some human control mechanisms and added their own targeting systems. Its original construction didn't support ejection seats, and it was impossible for the techs to add this feature.[2]

Furthermore, the ships were equipped with communications computers that will simulate a real Kilrathi pilot.[2]



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