The Dralthi Mark II is an updated version of the previous Dralthi.


While it uses a similar spaceframe to its original, it featured several imporvements; its primary weapons are updated to heavy hitting Mass Driver Cannons over the earlier Laser Cannons. The armor[1] and shields were also upgraded.[2][1] It was also less likely to have the infamous power overload problem of its predecessor.[1]

Although the pilot is deprived of some visibility, its controls are very fine, and the ship handles delicately; the wing stabilizers are better than Confederaton fighters at high speed, as they spread around the wide circular area of the wings.[1]

They were built without ejection systems.[3][1] The cockpit doesn't open, but one enters it from a bottom hatch.[1]

The cockpit has a seat made of plant fibers woven into it, with a large empty spot at the back for the Kilrathi pilot's tail. A toggle halfway down the console turns on the engines. There is also a small camera for communication.[1]

The ship's little nuclear powerplant can hold up for 20 hours of journey and stil good for "another million klicks", although the life support resources don't hold that long.[4]


The first Mk II were sighted around the time of Operation: Thor's Hammer or later, in the Vega Sector. Dralthis were among the Kilrathi fleet that invaded Firekka; a wing of those attacked TCS Perez de Cuellar. In that encounter, Prankster had the opportunity to get close and gather vidcamera data for the Terran Confederation.[2]

The KIS Ras Nik'hra had a squadron of 20 Dralthis.[5] One of those was stolen by Hunter which he wanted to test at every cost. With it he saved the TCS Austin from an unexpected assault.[1][6]

Confederate forces famously captured a squadron of Dralthi II and refitted them to use in combat.[3]


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