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The Double Helix are an alien race with whom the Confederation made contact in 2654.


Not much is known about the Double Helix. They are carbon-based arthropods who employ the use of scent and pheromones in order to communicate with each other. They are known for their signature double helix-shaped spacecraft, for which they are named for. They are known to be a spacefaring race, but due to limited contact with the species, it is unknown if they have created jump technology as both humans and the Kilrathi have.[1]


Humanity first encountered the Double Helix on 2654.072 when their presence was detected by a Terran Confederation space probe H227. However, with the Terran-Kilrathi War in full swing, humanity forgot about the race and never established direct contact with them until the year 2681.

Dr. Justin Klein used holo-link transmissions to speak to the Double Helix, only to die from cerebellum damage when the Freneli-complex harmonic samples used by the Double Helix to communicate damaged his brain. When humanity announced the race's discovery to its people, they refused to reveal this incident and they worked to find the right harmonic filters in order to talk to the race without risk of death.