Dor-Chak (means "striking bird" in the Kilrathi language) was a light-energy weapon developed by the Kilrathi. Its present form was developed 50 to 100 years before contact with humanity and was used as the standard Kilrathi sidearm in shipboard operations during the Terran-Kilrathi War


It usually weighs 6kgs, and is 29cm long but there are variations, used among the clans. It is powered by a crystalline supply which supports 20 mins of continuous use before replacement. Most warriors carry 5 supplements.

The Dor-Chak is a multifunction weapon.

  • Short-range wide-beam (capable to hit unarmored targets 10 meters away, with a spread of about 2 meters),
  • Long-range narrow-beam (able to penetrate an unarmored human target at 200 meters),
  • 1-meter torch mode (cutting through hatches and bulkheads).

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