Manufacturer Proxima Spaceworks
Type Merchantman
Class Errant
Crew 1 pilot
Equipment Tow cables, cabins, cargo space
Events Terran-Kilrathi War
First appearance Wing Commander film

The Diligent is a requisitioned merchantman captained by undercover Commodore of Confederation Naval Intelligence James Taggart, posing as a civilian.


Diligent near scylla

The Diligent enters Scylla

It carried replacement pilots Christopher Blair and Todd Marshall from Earth to the TCS Tiger Claw in the Vega Sector when noticed by Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn who wished to deliver a message to the Captain of the Claw Jason Sansky. He transmitted to Blair and ordered him to be a carrier of the encrypted message once he arrived to the Claw.

Diligent claw

Arrival to the Claw

Because of those news, Taggart decided to jump the Scylla anomaly directly to the Vega Sector and set course for Beacon 147. Minutes before the jump, the Navcom A.I. went offline, and Taggart left the cockpit to make repairs. He managed to get it back on-line while Blair's Pilgrim talents awoke and he instinctively punched calculations to the helm. The Diligent successfully made the jump and met with the Claw in the Enyo system. Once transmitting the security clearance, Lt. Hunter escorted it to the Claw, and the Diligent landed in Bay 2C.

Diligent board

Boarding the Kilrathi ship.

The Diligent remained in the Claw until it was approached by a Kilrathi Thrakhra-class ConCom. Marines dressed in space suits boarded the Diligent, led by Paul Gerald insisting he has no confidence in a mission led by a rogue and a half-breed. During the operation, the Diligent was supported by two Rapiers, one piloted by Marshall. The Diligent docked the ship with grapples and the marines boarded the ConCom to steal fuel cells and by chance Blair recovered the NavCom stolen from the Pegasus Station.

When Blair was sent to the Sol Sector, Taggart boarded the Dilligent in order to look for Jeannette Deveraux who was stranged in the vicinity. He successfully recovered her and brought her to the hangar of the Claw.


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