Confederation-class carrier is a supercruiser used by the Terran Confederation. It is not to be confused with the Confederation-class Dreadnought though in the novel it is likely based on it. It appears to be a special variant of the Concordia-class supercruiser but longer, holds more fighters, and thicker armor.


It stretches into space nearly 984 meters and weighed in at an imposing 73,000 tonnes. They are carriers and also double as a dreadnought in order to stand up to Kilrathi cruisers and destroyers in a one-to-one fight.

Three heavy flak cannons discouraged light fighters from becoming intimate, and eight anti-matter guns warded off attacking Kilrathi corvettes, heavy fighters, and bombers. Fore and aft phase shields guarded her from an assortment of Kilrathi weapons, as did her 500-centimeter-thick armor. They carried 120 fighters.

Known shipsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The TCS/CS Concordia in the novels is listed as a Confederation-class carrier in the first novel. The above description is more aptly for Concordia, and it is unknown if it represents a unique or modified version comopared to others.
  • The CS Olympus unnamed shows up at the end of Wing Commander Movie novel epilogue to attack Mylon III, described as an unmarked Confederation-class carrier. The same ship appears in Pilgrim Truth but is described as a supercruiser. Technically a carrier and a supercruiser are not the same class of ships. It may be possible that the author mixed up the CS Olympus with the Concordia-class Supercruiser (the only known supercruiser class described in the book).
  • In the Handbook, the Concordia is listed as a Concordia-class Supercruiser. The class is said to be 100m shorter than the Concordia in the novel, and only capable of mounting about 20 fighters or fighter/bombers total. The armor is much thinner as well. Perhaps suggesting that the Concordia and Confederation-class is a special modified version of the Concordia-class.
  • Concordia-class supercruisers appear in Pilgrim Stars (the Olympus is designated one in that book).
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