The Confederation-class Dreadnought was a capital starship in the Wing Commander universe. Several Confederation-class Dreadnoughts were constructed between the years 2660-2665, including the TCS Confederation and the Terran Confederation Navy's pride and joy, the TCS Concordia.


In the Wing Commander universe, the first Confederation-class dreadnought that was produced and entered to the Terran Confederation's fleet was the TCS Confederation. Not much is known about the dreadnought and its service to the Terran Confederation. What is known is that it was lost during its successful attempt to destroy a Snakeir II-class Carrier.

The T.C.S. Concordia served as Admiral Tolwyn's flagship from her commissioning in 2661 to the Battle of Earth in 2668. The Concordia was instrumental in the Terran-Kilrathi War. She was involved in nine major fleet battles during the war and destroyed more than 30 capital ships. Unfortunately, The T.C.S. Concordia was destroyed in Vespus around the year 2669, shortly after the Battle of Earth and was considered as a total loss.


The Confederation-class Dreadnought carried an axial Phase Transit Cannon as her primary heavy weapon, eight Anti-Matter Guns to deal with enemy capital ships and three Flak Cannons to ward off enemy fighters. Her armament was unmatched by any contemporary ship of its time. In addition to this weapon arsenal, she carried one hundred and twenty starfighters as her air group.

However, her Phase Transit Cannon proved unreliable in combat and forced the halt of the production of the Confederation-class Dreadnoughts in 2665. Her exposed fighter runways resulted in an extreme vulnerability to battle damage, as damage from a single torpedo hit (or saboteur's bomb) to either one could disable its launch bay for up to an hour.

Most Confederation-class Dreadnoughts were destroyed or decommissioned by the year 2669.

Specifications - Confederation-class DreadnoughtsEdit


Length: 983.7 meters

Mass: 73,000 tons


Maximum Velocity: 100 kps

Cruise Velocity: 50 kps

Acceleration: Bad

Maximum Yaw: 1 deg/s

Maximum Pitch: 1 deg/s

Maximum Roll: 1 deg/s


Fore Shields: Phase Shields

Aft Shields: Phase Shields


Forward: 500 cm

Left: 400 cm

Right: 400 cm

Rear: 500 cm


1x Phase Transit Cannon

Fighter ComplementEdit

  • 120 Starfighters

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