Concordia class
Type Supercruiser
Launched ~2630s
Length 855m[1]
Mass 73,000t[1]
Weapons Point-Defense missiles (30), Primary Antimatter Guns (4), Torpedo Tubes (50)[1]
Shield Fore and aft meson shields[1]
Hull 35/30/30/35[1]
Speed 50/100 kps[1]
Crew 700 crew, 350 working supercargo (inc. 75 medical)[1]
Affiliation Terran Confederation
Fighters 20 light/medium fighters or bombers[1]
Equipment Fighter deck, enhanced long-range communication and sensors, full hospital facility (300), brig (60), accommodations for passengers.[1]
Events Pilgrim War, Terran-Kilrathi War
First appearance Wing Commander film

The Concordia-class Supercruiser was the largest battleship class in the fleet of the Terran Confederation.


The class was originally developed during the Pilgrim War and saw action in the following Terran-Kilrathi War. Its fleet command function makes it a focus for ship tenders and resupply operations.[1]

A Concordia-class ship travels always in company with at least 2 destroyers and a cruiser of larger battleship, and frequently with transports.[1]

The Confederation-class carrier appears to be a special variant of the Concordia-class Supercruiser and is larger, and contains more weapons and crew than the standard Concordia-class ships.


The Supercruiser's main offensive asset is its 50 torpedo tubes against other ships or planetary munitions and strategic weapons. It is supplemented by point-defense missiles against fighters and primary antimatter guns. It also contains a small fighter deck for medium fighters or fighter/bombers.[1]

In its capacity of a command class of capital ships, it is equipped with enhanced long-range comunications and sensor packages and contains a hospital facility, brig and quarters for guests/passengers.[1]

It takes 700 officers and crew plus a space for 350 command support and fleet operations and medical personnel.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

A ship model from the Wing Commander film. Based on the Concordia-class Fleet Carrier.


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