The Concordia-class Fleet Carriers are a line of space carriers that exist within the Wing Commander universe. They are found and mentioned within several of the novels, and they finally make an on-screen appearance in Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom.


The Concordias have been serving with the Terran Confederation ever since 2634. They have been on the frontlines of the Kilrathi War as a result of this deployment. Concordias are large and powerful vessels normally designated as the flagships of human fleets. They closely resemble the much older Ranger-class Light Carriers from the 2580s, but are larger, better armored, and armed with nearly 100 fighters. Their strength and performance on the battlefield have earned them a place in the Space Navy as one of the most effective carrier groups in the fleet. As a result, over 40 are known to have been produced.

Concordias have served valiantly on the battlefields, but several have been lost in combat. In 2634, McAuliffe was attacked by Kilrathi invaders, resulting in the destruction of many human vessels and the capture of over 250,000 colonists. The TCS Ark Royal and the class leader TCS Concordia led the retaliation against the Kilrathi, using hit-and-fade attacks by bombers to destroy Kilrathi transport vessels in order to deprive them of supplies. The colony is eventually liberated, but the Concordia was lost in combat.

(To be Continued)

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