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Claw Marks is the the monthly onboard magazine of the TCS Tiger's Claw.

It was available in E-file editions to all crewmen stored in the ship's library at >>Periodicals>>Armed Forces>>Claw Marks>>[No]/[year]. Hard copy editions were available only by special subscription.

A hardcopy edition was given to Christopher Blair as a gift by one of his flight instructors.[1] He read the latest news from the Terran Confederation Armed Forces CommNet. (This would have been the Vol. 1/No.3 edition of March)

A later issue the April, Vol. 1/No.4 was published on 2654.110 during the Pilgrim Crisis/Early Vega Campaign.

The April 2654 (Vol. 1/No. 4]] issue of Star*Soldier was released around this time as well. Gilkarg's failed push to Earth, lead to the war's heaviest fighting in the Vega Sector. The front lines heat up.

In the Wing Commander film Blair is reading a copy of the The Odyssey by Homer.


It contained articles such as

  • Now Hear This: Words from the Editor
  • COMM RELAY: News from the Terran Confederation Armed Forces CommNet
  • Hornet's Nest: Comic strip series by Larry Dibbles.
  • Pilot Profiles
  • A Shaving Off the Old Block

There were also extras like guides on starfighters, weapons, ribbon, rank and award recognition for newbies etc. Vol.1/No.4 2654.110 issue also provided excerpts of Joan's Fighting Spacecraft and Borger's All The Sector's Weapons Systems.


  • Col. Christopher Roberts (Christopher Robers (sic)), Publisher
  • Mjr. Warren Spector Editor-in-Chief
  • Cpt. Aaron Allston, Senior Editor
  • Cpt. Jeff George, Contributing Editor
  • Lt. Steve Cantrell, Contributing Editor
  • Lt. Ken Demarest III, Contributing Editor
  • Lt. Glen Johnson, Contributing Artist
  • Cpt. Mike Harrison, Production Staff
  • Lt. Larry Dibbles (2652 - March 2654)

Behind the scenes[]

The Super Wing Commander edition places Colson and Doomsday on board the Claw much earlier than in the original game.

The 2654.110 (April) date does not overlap well with the movie and movie novels, as Blair, Marshall, and Taggart are not on board at that time. They are captured by the Olympus on .88 and Blair and. Marshall remain there until .128. Taggart doesn't get back to the claw until roughly .161-.163 or after. Blair and Marshall are largely confined to medical bay, quarters or the brig or AWOL after their return during the time of .128-.163. Marshall largely in the brig. Blair is put into a coma by an assailants for many days, transfers into another wing trying to discover the culprit, gets confined to quarters, and goes AWOL, both spend much time on a alien Pilgrim Ship, some days on the Concordia until .157, and then finally returns to the claw via Tolwyn's own transport. Meanwhile Taggart remained on the Olympus until it is destroyed by self-destruct. Gets captured and taken to Kilrah, finally is let go by the Emperor, but the is captured by the alien Pilgrim Ships, and later released to the Concordia on .157.

Carl T. LaFong's memoirs place the bulk of WC1 around August/September.

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  1. Wing Commander: The Novel