Chris McCubbin is the author/writer of the Official Authorized Wing_Commander Confederation Handbook. In the book he is referred as the Chief Archivist of the Confederation Armed Forces network CDATANET, created and maintened by Incan Monkey God Studios from Austin, Texas, Terra (Earth).

In the book it is mentioned that he worked with "historian" Peter Telep. On 1998.271 he accessed the data with Confederation ID code, 2309879-9m707 which gave him access to Unclassified, Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret files of the Confederation. The resulting handbook was published in March 1999.

Behind the scenesEdit

Chris McCubbin is the meta 'in-universe' character version of Chris McCubbin (author). McCubbin is also referenced in the name of the pilot C.W. McCubbin in the movie novelization.

The meta self-inclusion of the author opens up several questions, including why does the Confederations keep its data records in the past, how they gained access to time travel technology, and when did they start sending data back into the past.

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