Planets Nanjing
Affiliation Empire of Kilrah
Sector Vega Sector[1]
Jump links Ymir[2]

Chengdu or Cheng-Du is a star system in Vega Sector.


Tiger's Claw traveled here after Brimstone during the Vega Campaign. Carl T. LaFong was transferred to HQ during these missions helping out with the training of some new pilots.

Christopher Blair's specific actions during this period have never been published.[3]

Jeanette Deveraux and James Taggart flew missions here.

  1. Valkyrie's Hornet was stranded and pilots from the Claw flew to her rescue. They fought off wings of Krants as well as a newly arrived Ralari-class.[4]
  2. Dakhath nar Sihkag arrived to the system and had an encounter with the Blue Angel squadron. Meanwhile Peter Halcyon prepared the first F-44 Rapier II squadron, Black Lion for duty. Paladin and Angel escorted a Ralari-class to the jump point to the Ymir system. They protected it against a wing of Dralthis led by Dakhath and then engaged a wing of Salthis.[2]
  3. The Claw was under attack by two wings of Grathas, but it was successfully defended by its pilots.[5]
    In the game, Hunter with Redbird and Maniac with Turtle were assigned to launch after Maverick and Angel.

Carl T. LaFong looked over mission reports of pilots who had flown while he was away.

Following the missions here, Tiger's Claw stopped to take on supplies, Taggart asked LaFong to try to mentor Maniac, even though he knew they weren't friends (since they had known each other back in the Academy). The rest of the crew were prepared to consider sending Halcyon an official report asking for an evaluation. LaFong agreed to give a try, but could make no promises. He explained to Maniac that the rest of the crew wanted him grounded, because he was unsafe and unreliable. Maniac was worried, and promised to change, if he was given one more chance. LaFong promised he would discuss things with Iceman to give him another chance, but it had better work out.[6]

Following this, they then travelled to Dakota.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the game Chengdu is a losing pathway out of the Gateway series. It is flown by Blair (or Armstrong in Super Wing Commander) and James Taggart.

The Ultimate Guide places these missions chronologically after Gateway, Gimle, and Brimstone series, and before Dakota.

Christopher Blair's whereabouts during this series is not specifically known. It is unknown if he flew missions here or not.


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