Charybdis Quasar is a quasar in the remote out skirts of the Vega Sector not far from the Empire of Kilrah border. It is named after the mythical devouring whirlpool dreaded by ancient mariners. It "guards" the Ulysses Corridor jump line.[1]

During the Terran-Kilrathi War the Kilrathi gained access to the coordinates of Charybdis and therefore the Sol System. Christopher Blair used his Pilgrim talents to jump the Charybdis and deliver to the TCS Concordia battle group the intelligence concerning the Kilrathi invasion.[2]

When the Sirius wormhole was destroyed in the middle of Port Broughton's seventh raid she was reported overdue and presumed lost — only to emerge from Charybdis eighteen months later.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Star*Soldier notes; "Charybdis" - The quasar from the Wing Commander movie, which was the central point of many, many mysterious jump lines."


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