Charon is a star system near the border of Vega Sector.

The TCS Tiger's Claw passed through Charon while retreating from the Defense of Firekka.

  1. Pursued by the Kilrathi fleet close behind, they detected a small strike fleet stationed at the Vega border. Trapped between them, pilots went out to clear them out of their path. Prankster and Maniac flew Raptors as Iota Wing. They engaged a pair of Jalthis inside a mine field, and then engaged a pair of Ralari-class with their Gratha escort; finally they engaged a Snakeir-class escorted by Krants.
    Prankster was awarded a Terran Confederation Medal of Honor for this feat.[1]
  2. As the Claw proceeded to the Border Zone, a 3 Fralthi-class, 4 Ralari and a Snakeir were detected on an intercept course, preceded by waves of Kilrathi fighters. Waves of fighters launched, one after another to clear the area before that strike force arrives. Prankster and Maniac flew F-44 Rapier IIs as Upsilon Wing. They protected the Claw against waves of Dralthi Mk. IIs, Salthis and Hhriss.[2]

When the Claw was safe, it resumed its course back to the Vega Sector, hoping the best for the Firekkans far behind, as they drove off the Kilrathi invaders.


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