Capital ship is a term referring to any large space battleships. Ships of this type include corvettes, frigates, cruisers, carriers, or destroyers.


Kilrathi capital ships main defense are highly maneuverable turreted lasers, combined with a sophisticated targeting system that directs the guns locked onto a ship's signature. Porcupine Mines are also found on some of the destroyers, cruisers, dreadnaughts, and carriers.[1]

Among the Kilrathi the main offensive and tactical effort is performed by the starfighters or fighter-bombers. The cap ships have defensive and strategic function and are used as staging platforms or for long-range missile bombardment (eg. vs planetary targets, space stations or other cap ships).[2]

Most Kilrathi battleships (larger than a destroyer) incorporate a hangar and carrier deck whence fighters are launched. Battleships almost never engage in a pitched gun- or torpedo-battle with an equivalent opposing force, and when assaulted by opposing cap ships, they rely on their own guns and escort fighters to withdraw.[2]

On the other hand, the Kilrathi destroyers are small, heavily armed with no carrier capacity, and are used for providing screening actions for their battle group and prevent opposing forces from making direct assaults on the strategically vital carrier decks.[2]

Capships are usually escorted by fighters, which are to be eliminated first before the main offensive. The first successful Confed attacks on Kilrathi capships targeted the sides (as they aren't protected by shields) with gunfire, Spiculum IR and dumb-fire missiles. Eventually it was determined that the rear of the Kilrathi capships is the preferrable spot. Despite the rear shielding and even a Porcupine, the rear side has a gunfire "shadow" and is the weakest spot.[1]


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