For all intents and purposes this is the same ship as the TCS Tiger's Claw from the original games (but with the Bengal-class  strike carrier (2619) design and appearance seen in the movie) It is a bit larger than old style Bengal-class, according to the information in the Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook at 700 meters (the same length as its regular WC1 counter part).                              

This topic is mainly to discuss technical differences in the movie technology version of the ship separate from the basic standard tech of the classic Tiger's Claw from a historic stand point though they are the same ship with artistic license applied. Much like the Claws appearance in Academy tv series and Super Wing Commander. While there is evidence of a refit to the ship which may have changed its appearance according to Pilgrim Truth a this not specific enough to explain for the major change in design and functions (it still doesn't explain the differences where the events from each series 'overlap' with each other).


After the destruction of the Pegasus Station, the Kilrathi gained a direct route to Earth. Geoffrey Tolwyn, who was now an Admiral on the flagship CS Concordia, sent orders to Captain Jason Sansky as the Claw was the only ship in the Vega Sector. Christopher Blair (who had already served on the destroyer TCS Formidable and the heavy cruiser delivered the orders to Sansky, that the Claw, with help from James Taggart, should go to the Charybdis and gather information about the Kilrathi strike force. Taggart, using his Pilgrim talents, approached a class-2 pulsar and engaged a level-five jump-point interphase to the Ulysses corridor.

While scouting the Pegasus debris, pilots reveal their presence to a Kilrathi ConCom. A strike force was then formed to destroy the ConCom. Meanwhile 2 Ralari-class Destroyers and 1 Sivar-class Battleship launched 3 dozens of starfighters and torpedoes against the Claw which retaliated by destroying the destroyer. The battleship returned more torpedoes which severely damaged the Claw, but was soon destroyed by the pilots of the Baker Wing.

The Claw hid inside an asteroid crater and launched a decoy to misguide the Kilrathi battle group. However a Destroyer methodologically nuked every crater causing further damage. However Confederation Marines manage to board the approaching Kilrathi ConCom and steal fuel cells. Furthermore, they discovered the Pegasus Navcom AI with the Kilrathi coordinates through the Charybdis. That information helped the Concordia battle group to target the exact location the Kilrathi force entered the Sol Sector. During delivering that information, Jeannette Devereaux almost killed herself while protecting the Claw from a skipper missile. With Taggart's guidance, the Claw obliterated one more Cruiser and a Destroyer, before jumping to Sol Sector and join the Concordia.[1]



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