CF-131 Broadsword
Model CF-131
Launched ~2633
Length 12m
Mass 14t
Weapons Mass-driver cannon (2 wing, 1 nose), missiles (2), torpedoes (2); double neutron gun turrets (3)
Shield 13cm phase shields
Hull 10/8/8/10
Propulsion jump-capable drive
Speed 150/320kps
Crew 1 pilot
Equipment Tempest AI, retrieval tractor, eject system, life support (16hrs)
Events Pilgrim War, Terran-Kilrathi War

The CF-131 Broadsword is a dual duty Fighter/Bomber craft.


The Broadsword was deployed during the Pilgrim War as part of the Terran Confederation's Grand Fleet and remained the Confed's primary fighter/bomber. During the following years it underwent some minor upgrades in its systems, and in 2648 it was upgraded to mount two antimatter torpedoes.[1]

The CS Tiger Claw had a complement of Broadswords. Some flew with the Baker Wing, piloted by Paladin and Knight. Paladin deployed all its payload to destroy a Sivar-class battleship near Planet 415.[2]

Largely replaced by the A-17 Broadsword a Heavy Bomber.


The Broadsword has limited maneuverability and no evasive capacity. It can defend itself with its 3 360-degrees recessed turrets which can be set for independent or synchronized targeting, or controlled by an automatic defensive AI mode. Other than that it relies on support by lighter fighters.[1]

As a Confed fighter, the Broadsword includes a Tempest targeting/navigational AI system, a jump-capable drive. It generates a retrieval tractor (150t strong) and an eject system. It provides 16 hours of life support.[1]



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