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CF-105 Scimitar
Scimitar zoharian.png
Manufacturer Origin Aerospace
Type Medium Fighter[1]
Model CF-105
Length 25m[1]
Weapons Mk. 30A Gatling Mass Driver Cannons (2),[1] Javelin HS (3),[1] Dart DF (2)[1]
Shield 4/4cm[1]
Hull 6/5/6[1]
Speed 150/360 kps[1]
Yaw/Pitch/Roll 6/6/7[1]
Crew 1 pilot
Affiliation Terran Confederation

The CF-105 Scimitar is a medium starfighter designed and produced by Origin Aerospace, a fighter manufacturer for the Terran Confederation.


The Scimitar holds the distinction of being the longest-serving frontline fighter in Terran history, having served for over one hundred years after its development in the 2500s.

Shotglass used to fly Scimitars in his youth.[2] The Blue Angel Squadron of the TCS Tiger's Claw flew Scimitars.

In 2645 the CF-117b Rapier was introduced and it supplanted the CF-105 Scimitar in frontline operations in the later Terran-Kilrathi War.[3] However Scimitars were flown on a number of occasions during the Vega Campaign.[4][5][6][7][8]

During Operation: Thor's Hammer all wings launched to escort the TCS Tiger's Claw into Kilrathi territory and fanned out to clean enemy ships ahead.[9] During that mission many fighters were destroyed so the pilots were transferred to fly with Scimitars.[10] Scimitars were sent to destroy TCS Falstaff which was captured by the Kilrathi.[11] While other fighters were being repaired, pilots managed to destroy a heavily armed Kilrathi Supply Depot using only a pair of Scimitars.[12]

After years of service, it became hopelessly obsolete. Soon after the conclusion of the Thor's Hammer, they were pulled from active service in the Terran Confederation in 2655, relieving pilots such as Iceman.[13] Surplus vessels were sold to the Free Republic of the Landreich and the Union of Border Worlds. The Border Worlds would use these craft during the 2673 Black Lance Conspiracy, although newer spacecraft would overpower this once-reliable craft.

Origin's new F-44 Rapier II replaced the Scimitar with much more shielding, far more maneuverable and carried four guns instead of only two on the Scimitar.


The Scimitar was called "The Slug" and the "Flying Pig" by pilots of the Confederation. It was the slowest ship of the fleet, but it was still a match against Kilrathi fighters.[14]

The slower, but stronger and farther Mass Driver Cannons made the Scimitar an ideal fighter against big, slow ships.[2]

Pilots, like Knight, liked the Scimitar's strong armour and heavy guns but others, like Iceman, considered the Scimitar a gun-heavy slug without finesse comparing it to a Centaurian mud pig or a slow, unmaneuverable tugboatt.[15][16][2][13]


Wing Commander Academy[]

Scimitar chase.png
Type Fighter
Weapons Mk. 25 Laser Cannons (2), Javelin HS (5), Single Mount Laser Turret[17]
Crew 1 pilot, 1 instructor
Affiliation Terran Confederation
Equipment Tractor beam, decoys (9)[18]
First appearance Red and Blue
Last appearance Glory of Sivar

This version of the Scimitar was flown by the 201st Class Cadets of the Hilthros Terran Confederation Naval Space Academy. They were also flown while they served on the Claw as 2nd Lieutenants.

This seems to contradict the philosophy of the original game, where inexperienced pilots fly Hornets.

These Scimitars fire laser instead of mass driver and are known to have features such as tractor beams, receptors of ejection pods, decoys, a ventral laser turret, and a very somehow different cockpit layout.

It is unknown if such features are common in the "standard" game Scimitar, as such cases haven't appeared in the game.

They bear color markings (blue, black, orange, green and purple) to differentiate from other squadrons, rather than the standard green color.[19]



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