Brimstone system
Planets Brimstone II
Affiliation Empire of Kilrah[1]
Sector Vega Sector

Brimstone is a star system in the Vega Sector. During the Kilrathi War, it was under Kilrathi control.

One of the worlds of Brimstone was home to the sand worm.[2]

The system perhaps housed the Confederation Brimstone Naval Station.


The Empire had established military bases on Brimstone II. During the Vega Campaign, the TCS Tiger's Claw arrived to the system after operations in Gimle, in order to investigate the conditions for a possible attack.

Christopher Blair's specific actions during this period have never been published.[3] Carl T. LaFong and Maniac flew with CF-105 Scimitars several missions together in this region.[4]

  1. As Alpha Wing they gathered intelligence. They met a Salthi and Grathas, and Krants in an asteroid.[5]
  2. The Confed now prepared for a major assault against Brimstone II. Headquarters has dispatched several warships to the system and the Claw assigned for rendezvous and escorts. As Theta Wing, Prankster and Maniac passed through Salthis, and protected a newly arrived Exeter-class and escorted it, protecting it from attacking Dralthis. It arrived to the Claw and got in formation with it.[6]
  3. Within 48 hours several warships entered the system and most of them besieged Kilrathi bases on the second planet. The Kilrathi were desperate for munitions and supplies and in response the Empire dispatched dozens of Dorkir-class 'sports hoping at least a few of them will get past the blockade and reinforce the planet, and the Claw sent several wings to stop them. As Rho Wing, Prankster and Maniac fought a wing of Jalthis, and engaged a Dorkir which was protected by two wings of Krants, led by Khajja nar Ja'targk. They managed to destroy the Dorkir, which carried ground-to-space missiles to the planet.[7]
It's possible to win a Bronze Star in that mission.

As the Confed gained control in space at Brimstone, Terran saboteurs daringly raided a major Kilrathi installation. With its destruction, the Kilrathi hold on the strategic system was broken. Following this engagement the Claw traveled to Dakota. LeFong was just glad to get away from Brimstone.

In the losing scenario, the cutscene shows Kilrathi warriors dematerialize the Terran commandoes before destroying the base. The Claw then moves to Port Hedland.


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