The Border Zone is a region of space separating the Terran Confederation and the Kilrathi Empire; more specifically, it was perhaps in Epsilon Sector, between Goddard and Midgard systems.

It is not clear if Border Zone is the name of a star system. In the medal screen, the game engine gives the player's stats as "Border Zone system". However the word "system" seems to be added automatically by the game mechanics, as is the case of the "Retreat system" in the losing scenario.

Within 5 hours after the massacre of Goddard Colony, the TCS Tiger's Claw was in jump space communication with High Command and ordered to pursue the Kilrathi fleet that destroyed Goddard, into Kilrathi space.

  1. Wings launched to escort the Claw, then fanned out to clean enemy ships ahead. As Epsilon Wing, Prankster and Angel flew with Raptors. They fended off a wing of Krants that attacked the Claw and then passed through a mine field. After a wing of Grathas, they encountered a Fralthi-class with its Krant escort. Meanwhile the Claw was attacked once more by Dralthis, and the pilots fought them off.[1]
  2. High Command sent a coded tight-beam message to the Claw and sent the Sleipnir convoy of Drayman-class 'sports carrying the Reavers. The ships appeared back at the Claw's previous position and each wing escorted convoys to a jump point in Kilrathi space. As Epsilon Wing, Prankster and Angel met a wing of Krants on their way. They cleared the space of Jalthis where the convoy appeared. They escorted the convoy and protected it against 2 wings of Grathas and Krants as the convoy jumped away. Because of many losses during that mission, many pilots were reassigned to Scimitars.[2]

After this the Claw moved to Midgard.


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