Black holes are dangerous space bodies that are invisible, because anything crossing their event horizon simply disappeared. Just short of the horizon there was a shimmering band of a fiery, incandescent brilliance as stray particles accelerating up to light speed glowed.

The gravitational fields near a black hole, or in a black hole system, were highly unpredictable. It was dangerous orbiting a black hole, even 5 billion clicks away from the its event horizon. Confed Fleet regulations allowed their craft to jump into a black hole system only during hot pursuit of an enemy.

The exits of the jump points had the characteristic of shifting randomly, making the safety of arrival a gamble: supposedly on occasion if a ship would come through the jump when it shifted over the event horizon line, immediately it would be sucked in and disappeared.

The Black Hole system 299 was near the borders of the Empire of Kilrah.[1]


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