Bifrost is the code-name of a star system in Kilrathi Empire space.

A Terran Confederation fleet pursued there the Kilrathi fleet responsible for the destruction of the Goddard Colony. Psychological pressure started taking a toll on the pilots and were thinking they were in a suicide mission;[1] Zeta Wing lost a couple of pilots, one of them going bonkers and flew right at a Fralthi-class. The Confed lost sight of the Kilrathi ships and pilots hoped they would turn back for Terran space.[2]

  1. Considering that the ships in the Kilrathi strike fleet were designed to be fast and maneuverable, Tactical theorized that they aren't carrying much fuel and their next stop would be a supply depot. In order to locate it, pilots flew scouting missions. Prankster and Paladin flew as Psi Wing. In their patrol they met a wing of Jalthis and then a Ralari-class with a Krant escort. Then they proceeded to the location where a large ship of unknown type had been detected, guarded by Jalthis, and returned to the Claw with the data.[2]
  2. The quadrant with the depot was pinponted. As technicians were repairing other ships, pilots were assigned in Scimitars. Prankster and Paladin flew as Theta Wing. After engaging Salthis and a Lumbari-class with its Krant escort, they attacked the Depot, fighting against its guard of Jalthis and Grathas.[3]
    At the same time, two Killer Bees captured a courrier with Kilrathi strike patrol assignments in the Vega Sector. They also identified the super-dreadnought ship with the secret weapon, which was code-named the Sivar. The Confed put it its main target to lure and destroy.[4]
  3. The destruction of the Depot boosted the pilots's morale. The Claw occupied the location of the former Depot to ambush incoming ships. Pilots were reassigned to Rapier IIs. Prankster and Iceman flew as Sigma Wing; they moved to one of the closest jump points where they attacked an apparently routine refueling wing returning from its mission: a couple of Lumbaris with their Krant escort. Then they attacked a Ralari and its Gratha escort tthat had apparently just jumped into the system, and the strike was followed against a Fralthi-class cruiser with a Jalthi escort, apparently responding to a distress call from the former depot. They were followed by the Epsilon Wing, rotating the patrol, constantly observing the are until they knew where the enemy was coming from.[4]

After this, the fleet moved to Valgard.


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