The Bhantkara-class Fleet Carrier is a 920-meter carrier built by the Kilrathi Empire. They are the third generation of Kilrathi carriers, produced in 2669 and are introduced in Wing Commander III. To increase the number of starfighters carried, many redundant internal systems were removed. This traded off combat durability for carrier capacity.

However, even this newest Kilrathi fleet carrier is inferior to the Terran second generation Jutland-class Fleet Carrier because of its weaker shielding and armor. This is more than offset by the fact that after the False Peace, the Kilrathi Empire had over twenty fleet carriers, compared to the Terran Confederation's ten fleet carriers.

Bhantkara-class Fleet Carrier
Length 925 meters Armament Heavy Laser Turret (08)Light Laser Turret (12)
Mass 100,000 tons Compliment 128 spaceships
Flank Velocity 100 kps Shielding 2000 cm equiv.
Cruise Velocity 60 kps Forward + Aft Armor 1000 cm equiv. each
Maximum Y/P/R 5/5/5 dps Starboard + Portside Armor 1000 cm equiv. each

Known Capital ShipsEdit

K.I.S. Bhantkara

K.I.S. Ras Nakhar

K.I.S. Karga

K.I.S. Sar'hrai

K.I.S. Toor'vaas

K.I.S. Sivar Ek’rah

K.I.S. T’puasgk

K.I.S. Gapthrak

K.I.S. Gorgu’lak

K.I.S. Ra’Kalarg

K.I.S. Gaptu’dagh

K.I.S. H’raikven

K.I.S. Jnack’hont

K.I.S. Knathar

K.I.S. Wratghar

K.I.S. Dubav

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