The Behemoth-class Dreadnought was a warship used by the Terran Confederation Navy. It is only seen in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.


The Behemoth-class Dreadnought was a massive planet killer designed by the Terran Confederation for use against the Kilrathi Empire. It was first designed in the late 2650s by the Belisarius Group, a prominent political organization within Confed. Designed by Confed's most prominent scientists, the Behemoth was designed for the sole purpose of destroying Kilrah, the Kilrathi homeworld. Humanity had hoped to accomplish this feat in the middle of the Kilrathi War, as the destruction of the Kilrathi capital would effectively derail their war efforts. The Behemoth was basically an enormous laser gun made up of several superconducting energy amplification conduits that could fire 500 million gigawatts toward any target, including planets. The destruction of that target would be certain. The Behemoth took ten years to develop, and in 2669 it was larger than any previously-fielded capital ship.

The first and only Behemoth-class Dreadnought ever built was the TCS Behemoth. It was deployed in 2669 in the wake of humanity's imminent defeat at the hands of the Kilrathi. However, the state of the War forced Confed to deploy the ship earlier than anticipated, leaving without any adequate means of self-defense or fully-charged shields. The Behemoth first deployed in the Torgo System, where the TCS Victory and her task force became her escorts under Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn's command. The ship then deployed to the Kilrathi-controlled Loki System, where the ship test-fired its main laser on Loki VI, where a quasar prevented the Kilrathi base there from calling for help. The test was a total success, as Loki VI was completely destroyed. The ship then moved on to destroy Kilrah, but was ambushed by Kilrathi bombers before it left Loki. Despite Colonel Christopher Blair's attempts to defend the ship, a traitor on the Victory, Colonel Ralgha nar Hhallas, transmitted the Behemoth's weak points to the enemy. The ship was destroyed within mere minutes, although the crew did escape in lifepods. The Victory then retreated.

The loss of the Behemoth almost spelled doom for humanity, and the project ended in failure.

Specifications - Behemoth-class DreadnoughtEdit


Length: ?

Mass: ?


Maximum Velocity: ?

Acceleration: ?

Maximum Yaw: ?

Maximum Pitch: ?

Maximum Roll: ?


Fore Shields: ?

Aft Shields: ?


Forward: ?

Left: ?

Right: ?

Rear: ?


  • 1x superlaser
  • Classified

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