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Anhurans are a race of humans from the Tri-System and there works was the cradle of humanity. Their most serious history or at least rise into technology occured a few thousand years before, and  they later colonized the rest of the Tri-System some two thousand years before. Anhurans saw a rise in their culture and technologicaly advances from a largely medieval agricultural system in at least the last three thousand years.

It's not clear if Anhurans naturally evolved on the planet, or were brought there by aliens, or came from ancient extinct technologically advanced earth cultures. They do have access to some decidely earth names, culture and even some 20th century pop-cultural references but it is unclear how they gained access to these ideas. Perhaps later colonists from outside the systems brought ideas in, or perhaps they have even picked up ancient earth radio or tv signals.

Their world and several others have been named after ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman gods.

Anhurans are dvided into to main cultures the Pro-Technologists (aka "Anti-Humanists") who want to progress technology to its limits and do not have much love for those who use or where more traditional or "primitive' technology and clothing. The other major culture are  Original Humanists who want to take humanity back to its primitive state, for them that is living a basic agricultural life style with nothing more than crossbows for hunting. The Humanists are known for conserviing and maintaining ancient ruins and architcuture of the ancient Anhuran culture. Some of the Humanists chose to leave planet, and are somewhat more accepting of technology than others, but not to the extent that Pro-Technologists take with bio and mechanical modifications for example..