Alexandria is a Terran Confederation space station orbiting McAuliffe VI. It is connected to the planet's surface with a huge 20000 mile-high skyhook tower which provides power, the Confederation's biggest technological marvel.[1]

Alexandria is consisted of vast orbital yards of enclosed docks, storage facilities, open dock stations and a terminal hub for handling 50 smaller transport ships. The enclosed docks are large enough to hold a heavy battlewagon in pressurized containers so that repair crews could work in an atmosphere. All these facilities were connected from the central hub of the skyhook tower with pressurized access tunnels, forming a vast interlacing like a space spiderweb. Half of the Seventh Fleet can be hard docked around the skyhook.[2]

More than 40 batteries (mass drivers, laser and plasma) were arrayed around the base in a defensive perimeter, about 12 hard-linked to the ground through the skyhook tower, connected to the heavy fusion reactors. There are also more than 15 missile launch batteries, half of them multiple mounts that can launch over 60 missiles.[2]

By 2634.120 all 6 of the fleet's carriers were docked to Alexandria (strangely, not committed to the critical Facin Sector).[1]

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