Adam "Bishop" Polanski is a Terran Confederation pilot serving with the 88th Fighter Wing in the TCS Tiger's Claw.


Polanski had the callsign Bishop perhaps because he is a chess player (or perhaps religious). By the time he was a Lieutenant, he was a skilled front-line pilot, both as a wingman and a leader, with experience on several carriers and fighters. He joined the pilot roster of the Claw in late 2653 and seemed too open and optimistic, making XO Paul Gerald think that he was not ready for the daily tragedies of battle, but it was only a reaction to the stresses of changing new environments.

He was able to calmly give or respond to orders under fire. Thanks to his tactical abilities he had on one notable occasion turned the tide from failure to victory by pure improvisation. On another, he lead five pilots when they fell in into an asteroid-field ambush and was able to bring them safely in a controlled retreat. He was recommended for a decoration for that action.[1]

On the last day of 2653 he was in a recon flight under Helen Condon to investigate sensor anomalies near Cairo III when they were ambushed by a full squadron of Kilrathi fighters. Polanski and Melanie Maxwell were the only pilots who made it back to the Claw alive, although Maxwell died of her wounds the next day. For meritorious conduct against the enemy, Polanski was recommended to be awarded the Silver Star.[2]

Bishop was in the rec hall playing chess with Rosie Forbes until she followed Maniac's suggestion and made a check mate movement. He also stood up to participate in the brawl between Christopher Blair and Hunter until Jeanette Deveraux entered.

When the Claw was readying to jump a pulsar, he commented that eat "eats suns for breakfast". He also flew with the Baker Wing against the Kilrathi Sivar-class battleship and Ralari-class destroyers. After Forbes' death he tried to calm down Deveraux.[3]

He is also known to have gotten highschores on the Train-Sim in the Rec-Room.[4]

Pilgrim StarsEdit


Bishop is able to design and implement battle tactics based on visual, scanner and communication, and knows how Kilrathi react to different situations. A quiet man, inclined to introspection, his peers don't feel they know him well, although he is respectable.

As an excellent officer, Gerald suggested him for Command and Control, flight officer or trainer.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bishop first is mentioned as a random callsign listed in the trainsim in Wing Commander I.

Bishop is given a name in the Wing Commander film where he is portrayed by Mark Powley. His name is never mentioned on-screen.


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