Raptor Heavy Fighter
Manufacturer Origin Aerospace
Type Heavy Fighter[1]
Length 36 m[1]
Weapons Gatling Mass Driver Cannons (2), Neutron Guns (2), Javelin HS (2), Spiculum IR (2), Pilum FF, Porcupine Mine[1]
Shield 7/7cm[1]
Hull 8/6/8cm[1]
Speed 250/400 kps[1]
Yaw/Pitch/Roll 6/5/6dps[1]
Crew 1 pilot
Affiliation Terran Confederation
First appearance Wing Commander I

The Raptor Heavy Fighter was a heavy starfighter used by the Terran Confederation Navy.


These fighters were developed by Origin Aerospace, a major starfighter producer for the Terran Confederation. The Raptors saw major combat operation during the famous Enyo Engagement. Captain Geoffrey Tolwyn's plan to assist captive civilians rested on the abilities of a small force of Raptors outfitted as minelayers. These Raptors dropped space mines that surrounded a jump point to prevent any hostile attacks on the fleeing captives.[2]

Shotglass flew Scimitars and Raptors all his career.[3]

These fighters constituted the Star Slayer squadron of the TCS Tiger's Claw and saw action during the Vega Campaign,[4][5][6] the Operation: Thor's Hammer,[7][8][9] as well as Operation: Crusade.[10][11]

In the SNES version, the squadron is renamed Rising Star.


Even after many years, the Raptor remains one of the most powerful and respected fighters in the Confederation's service. The heavy fighter was favored by most pilots because of its heavy protection, powerful weapons array, and high speed. Shotglass liked the Raptor better than the Scimitar, considering it a good ship, fast and aggressive but a bit clumsy as it doesn't handle very well.[3][12]

It was considered a match to the Gratha,[12] but only 34% chance against a Jalthi.[13]

The mass drivers and neutron cannons are the main weaponry of the Raptor, giving the option of full guns which however would use blaster power at an alarming rate, as the price for added power. Full guns were advised only against an isolated single target or capital ships.[14] The heavy fighter also has five missile hard points and carries a porcupine mine behind the fighter.



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